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Canoe Ride

During the dug out canoe trip on the Rapti River, you will be able to see crocodiles, wetland site birds, seasonally migrating birds, aquatic birds and plant in rivers as well as riverside scenery including two types of crocodile - Gharial and Mugger basking on the river bank, and other aquatic creatures which are bordering the national park through the excellent view of jungle and series of natural beauty.

Elephant Bath

Elephant bathing gives you the opportunity to explore the nature of elephant while in the bathing. Sunny day is preferable to elephant bathing thus on a sunny day,

Bird Watching

Chitwan is a paradise for bird lovers and home for more than 550 species of birds as well as known as the rewarding place in the world. Our specialist will help you to view and identify the various birds such as Cormorants, Herons, Egrets, Storks, Cranes, Ducks, Falcons, Kestrel, Parakeets, Ibis, Kites, Woodpeckers, Hawks, Osprey, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Swallows, Orioles, Drongos, Babblers and many others.

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Jungle Drive is one of the fascinating safari tours by four-wheel jeep in the less disturbed areas of the park for an opportunity to view rarer species. Our nature tour operator will accompany you who is an expert in wild-life spotting and it goes through the very deep in jungle via grasslands, riverside forests and Sal forests to Kasara, the National Parks headquarter. The Jeep Safari is a seasonally organized programme and four hour jeep drive covers about 70 km inside the park including the crocodile breeding centre.

Elephant Back Safari

This is very best safari in wild land with giant mammals of the earth where we can closely observe wildlife activities in the deep jungle.Sitting on a well-trained elephant allows you to approach some of the World’s rarest animals such as Great One Horned Rhinos, deer, wild boar, Sloth Bears and many more wild life of the land. It offers more pleasure and security while in viewing wildlife.

jungle walks chitwan sauraha

Jungle walk is an interesting adventure which produces a sensational feeling and excitement through mysterious trip as well as physical experience. Your close contact with nature in the wild raw street is madepossible by our experienced field naturalist, case expert to deal in peace manner and bring you to safe back. This is the ideal opportunity to explore and get experience of the different kinds of deer, rhino, wild boar, monkey, leopard, sloth bear, and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

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Our Dining Hall

Hotel ista Chitwan gives a hygienic and preferred eating facilities. The delicacies is eclectic with a awareness and recognition given to the first-class neighborhood and seasonal produce available. Free-variety greens and cereals, in addition to dairy merchandise and clean produce are all sourced locally. Friendly ecosystem in in-residence and lawn sitting regions offers the texture of terrific meals in terrific location. Nepali, Indian and continental delicacies with maximum great and first-class carrier is awesome function of our restaurant. In addition, open area on roof pinnacle and first-class ranged bar will make your enjoy a enormous one.


We agree with in keeping a sustainable enterprise environment via way of means of helping neighborhood farmers and Nepali products. Through non-stop innovation in technology & process, we are hoping to grow to be the maximum inspiring Nepalese Coffee Establishment withinside the global taking Nepalese Coffee and Culture to the global.

Fruit Diner

Snacking on fruit earlier than a meal may assist you experience fuller once you eat. That's due to the fact you will raise your consumption of fiber, a unique form of carb that does not deliver energy however does assist fill your stomach. We serve different types of Fruit dinner and juice.


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